Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trump: Sideshow Distraction or Serious Contender? (April 21, 2011)

As cherry trees blossom in Washington DC, so do budding presidential candidates. While there are about a dozen Republicans thinking about entering the race for the White House in 2012, no one has officially committed.
With the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary scheduled for next winter, it’s unlikely Barack Obama will have a challenger from his own party, but it’s a whole ‘nother story for the Republican side.
But, so far, the current leader of the GOP pack in the polls looks like the joker in the Republican deck.
Donald Trump hasn’t thrown his proverbial hat into the presidential political ring, but he has been flirting with the idea for several weeks. Although, he must be getting serious because Trump has expressed a change of heart — known as a flip-flop in political circles — on a couple of issues that deeply divide the two major parties. He once supported universal health care and was pro-choice on abortion, but now opposes the former and is pro-life on the latter, knowing he must bow to conservative principles to be a potential candidate. He recently acknowledged, “I’m pro-life. I think that’s a big social issue.’’
At least that’s a relevant matter, compared to the one he’s focused on lately. Trump has joined that group of birthers, who, despite ample evidence to the contrary, refuse to acknowledge that Barack Obama was born in the U.S. It doesn’t matter if Trump and the birthers doubt the authenticity of Hawaii’s birth records; the President is a citizen no matter which way the facts are twisted. Trump must get past this issue or it’ll spoil any chance he has to be a presidential contender.
Ya have to wonder, who’s acting crazier of late, Donald Trump or Charlie Sheen? Sheen is ahead for now, but after Trump’s latest remarks, “I like blacks” and calling LaGuardia “a Third World airport,” the billionaire’s slowly gaining on the unrestrained actor.
It’s been rumored Trump might announce his intentions to jump into the GOP race next month on the season finale of his TV reality show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Another indication came last week when he informed NBC not to include the popular show on its 2011-12 schedule, since the network would have to offer equal air time for Trump’s opponents.
With many voters fed up with politics as usual from both Democrats and Republicans, Trump appears to be riding a wave of frustration and dissatisfaction that was evident with the formation of the Tea Party not long after Obama took the oath of office. As a result, he holds the top spot, by nine points according to the latest polls, in a potential field of experienced and novice politicians.
Yet, if Trump wants to be taken seriously, he must get serious — and fast. On the other hand, unless a viable GOP contender overtakes him, this Clown Prince of Politicians just might talk his way to the top of the Republican ticket next year.
And that would be a sad state of affairs even though he would stand little chance of unseating Obama. When all is said and done, Donald Trump will not be the Republican Party nominee in 2012.
First of all, how can Trump be a suitable fit with conservatives’ family values? He’s been married three times and had a very public affair while still married to his first wife. Right wing memories must be limited. They were quick to condemn President Clinton’s extramarital affair and his pre-White House trysts, but when their advocates are exposed in similar circumstances, they merely look the other way. If that’s not the definition of hypocritical, than what is?
Secondly, Trump has never been one to shun the media spotlight. Even so, if and when he does announce his candidacy, he’s going to have to show a lot more than a birth certificate. With the ubiquitous Internet and 24/7 prying eyes of the media, he’s going to have to submit to a vetting process and scrutiny that he managed to avoid as he built his real estate empire.
There’s little doubt Donald Trump’s a wheeler dealer — he’s got the billions to prove it. Though he’s got more money than his likely opponents combined, if Trump enters the presidential political arena, he’s going to discover there’s nothing he can hide (can’t wait ‘til they interview his hair stylist).
 Anyway, while his incessant diarrhea of the mouth gets media attention, it only confirms he’s nothing but a sideshow distraction.