Thursday, March 10, 2016

You’re A Sly One, Mr. Trump

A few of the many faces of Donald Trump
Anyone with a grain of common sense and decency has to be sick of the Republican presidential race. As the nomination campaign has evolved over the last nine months, many of the sixteen or so who left the starting gate gradually dropped out as bloviating billionaire Donald Trump topped every poll and he continues to spit out never-ending offensive, incendiary, self-absorbed, racist remarks.
Trump’s relentless juggernaut prevails, despite a myriad of insensitive comments. And, it appears it may thrive until the election, unless an effective GOP coup at the July convention derails it. Incidentally, while the unflattering cliché about Cleveland where the Republicans will gather next summer is no longer applicable, if Trump comes out with the Republican nod, it should revive the phrase, “the mistake by the lake.”
After shaking my head, thinking he would be no more than a sideshow distraction, since he threw his “Make America Great Again” cap in the race, and watching him make a fool of himself and the state of American politics every chance he gets, I’ve figured out his real strategy.
The theory came as I watched some of last week’s “Showdown in Motown.” Thinking, hoping, praying — not spiritually — the quartet of candidates might actually focus on issues that affect the nation, I was disappointed when Trump, Cruz and Rubio prolonged their embarrassing sophomoric act. At least, Ohio Governor John Kasich remains out of, if not above, the fray, though it affords him less screen time than his bickering opponents.
I believe he is actually a double agent for the Democrats. Don’t laugh. Think about it. He acts like the biggest moron who ever ran for president. In spite of this, he draws large crowds at campaign rallies and has attracted millions of supporters nationwide. Acting like a buffoon could be his strategy to wreck the GOP for years to come and make it a cakewalk for Hillary Clinton or, perhaps even, Bernie Sanders, to become the 45th president.
While this scenario may seem implausible, it is possible that Trump’s scamming us. He’s known to be a shrewd businessman, so why not apply those skills to fool the electorate. After all, if he isn’t nominated and doesn’t run as an independent, what has he lost? He can shake off the setback and go back to overseeing his real estate empire.
I’m not an expert on American political campaigns, but the one being conducted, under the auspices of the Republican Party in 2016, with Trump commanding the media spotlight with rhetoric occasionally peppered with an excess of profanity, is by far stranger than fiction. I doubt there’s a Hollywood producer who’d sanction a screenplay with the loony plot scenarios that have taken place during the last six months.
Almost every time Donald Trump opens his mouth, his words are crammed with superlatives. Confidence is one thing, but Trump is the king of superlatives, especially when referring to himself. I’ve never heard anyone use more than the GOP presidential frontrunner.
He readily churns out facts and details that, when scrutinized, prove to be patently false. Nonetheless, just when you think his poll numbers should decline, due to the misinformation and tactlessness, they get higher.
Donald Trump has expediently flipped-flopped on a couple of issues that deeply divide the two major parties. He once supported universal health care and was pro-choice on abortion, but now opposes the former and is pro-life on the latter, knowing he must bow to conservative principles to be a potential candidate. He recently acknowledged, “I’m pro-life. I think that’s a big social issue.”
He once supported a ban on assault weapons, but currently opposes it to attract NRA supporters.
Six months ago, this Clown Prince of Politician’s bid for the nomination seemed preposterous, but his bellicose rhetoric has disturbingly evolved into a serious threat, not only to our nation’s principles and values, but to future political campaigns. It’s hard to imagine anyone employing the Trump strategy again.
I once presumed that the only way Trump could become a viable candidate was if he promised $10,000 to every lemming who votes for him. While that would never happen, the fact that Trump has managed to remain atop nearly every poll in the Republican presidential race is beyond astonishing.
Hey, if Donald Trump can act like a fool and still convince millions of Americans he’s going “to make America great again” then I can assume he’s merely doing it to demonstrate that there’s a sucker born every minute. Evidently, you can fool some of the people all of the time.
Furthermore, he’s dragging down the Republican Party by acting as its chief clown, which, I deduce, must be his covert strategy to allow the Democrats to win the November election and remain in the White House for eight more years while the GOP has to reorganize if it hopes to remain a viable entity in American politics.
Basically, underneath his thin skin, Trump is conning supporters. If he wasn’t a candidate desperately in need of votes, it is highly unlikely he’d ever share a table at a restaurant, much less socialize with them. For now, they hunger his crap-olla because they’re angry, frustrated and fed up with the state of politics.
In good times and bad, there are always pockets of voters upset with the state of politics. But, in 2016, this cluster thinks they’ve found a compatriot and kindred spirit offering false hope to better their disappointing lives. To paraphrase the warning from “The Odyssey,” beware of billionaire politicians making promises.
In the end, the Republican Party must do everything possible to prevent Donald Trump from securing the GOP presidential candidate nod, while reassuring its rank and file the party of Lincoln is still alive and well and remains a substantial political entity.
Despite the flaws of the nation’s political system, the last thing we need is a spiteful Grinch to steal the election and lead us to TRUMPAGEDDON!