Monday, August 1, 2016

One Clear Choice Must Trump In 2016

As the nation’s second major political convention came to a stirring finish, shortly before midnight last Thursday, 101 days remained until the most critical American presidential race perhaps since FDR was first elected in 1932.
Nearly eight years ago, the United States was mired in residual domestic and foreign quandaries after two terms of George W. Bush. A sluggish, steady ascent, driven by Barack Obama, was relentlessly impeded by Republican obstacles, but, little by little, we prevailed past that protracted morass. On the other hand, the marginal recovery has never quite trickled down to curb the lingering discontent of many Americans. Consequently, that hitch evolved into the unenthusiastic nomination of bloviating billionaire Donald Trump, who some GOP leaders reluctantly endorsed. Not since Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s 1950s Communist witch hunts and Sen. Barry Goldwater, the Republican presidential nominee credited with motivating political conservatism 52 years ago, has America coped with a more dangerous and divisive political figure.
Moreover, blinded-by-the-right loyalists, casual supporters and pockets of anti-Clinton factions fail to grasp that for most of his life Donald Trump has consciously looked down on such individuals as he sat contented and comfortable in a plush penthouse atop one of his assortment of tony Trump towers.
But, as is customary whenever he opens his mouth, the facts Donald Trump churns out to an impatient, mostly slapdash following, belie the truth.
Despite Republican/Trump claims that America’s position worldwide has declined, President Obama clarified that inaccuracy when he boasted in his penultimate convention speech, “Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago when I took office.”
Assertions about a national rise in crime were also refuted, as the president pointed out, “Illegal immigration and the crime rate are as low as they’ve been in decades.”
Surely there’s more work to be done, but of the two major candidates on the November ballot prepared to engage the challenges ahead, no one is more qualified than Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former senator, Secretary of State and First Lady. Donald Trump’s resume offers an accumulation of wealth, linked to a host of shady business deals that ripped off merchants, small businessmen, contractors and hardworking people. Then there’s his professed patriotism, abandoned when he expediently managed four deferments to dodge military service. Throughout his arrogant, insufferable yearlong campaign, he has repeatedly demonstrated a patent unfitness and character to hold any elected office or leadership post, much less the most significant one on the planet.
On her worst day, Hillary Clinton outclasses Donald Trump. On her best day, Clinton offers a constructive, positive vision for America, while Trump tweets unsound, temperamental rants.
After an assortment of alleged frauds, blatant lies and, more recently, a conspicuous fondness for Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Trump gets a pass from the media, while Clinton is repeatedly hounded for mistakes and accusations, for which she’s never been indicted.
According to Politifact, a Pulitzer prize-winning fact-checking project, it determined that Hillary has actually been the most truthful candidate (of either party) in the 2016 election season. And, in general, Politifact has determined that Hillary is more honest than most but not all politicians they have tracked over the years.
For those sitting on that fence of doubt or who continue to loathe Hillary Clinton, it’s time to earnestly examine her record and weigh it against her egotistical, demagogue-like opponent, who habitually spews a line of attack packed with fear that parallels the mushrooming fascism in Europe 85 years ago to nourish support.
If you examine the history of presidential elections over the last 240 years, the choices in 2016 have never before been so perfectly clear. Do you want someone with a distinct vision of where America should be going or do you prefer an individual whose primary goal in life has been to promote himself and his businesses? Do you want a party in power that visibly exhibited exclusion in Cleveland, while the Philadelphia convention was diverse and noticeably inclusive?
Hillary Clinton’s DNC convention climax was uplifting and from the heart, while Donald Trump’s RNC farewell oration conveyed a heart of darkness.
Hillary Clinton’s reputation has been closely examined resulting in purported notorious evaluations and delusions regarding her competency, despite decades of public service. She is held to a higher standard than most men who have achieved her levels of success, yet a litany of unfair, exaggerated negativity clings to her like an albatross around her neck. Yet, Donald Trump’s devious business deals, his admonishing POWs and fleecing veterans appear to be forgivable, transitory phases in the hearts and minds of his tenacious working-class following.
America’s imperfect political system notwithstanding, the last thing we need is a spiteful, raging political leader who only appeals to emotions and prejudices, which would inexorably lead to TRUMPAGEDDON!
As summer approaches the midway point, two strategies will be framed during weeks of arduous campaigning to sway voters. Only one will remain as autumn leaves fall and ballots are tallied.
The options are distinctive and radically different. Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to America and the world. Hillary Clinton is the clear crystal clear choice for president for the next four years.