Monday, August 15, 2016

Time For GOP To Terminate Trump's Royal Scam

Potential GOP headstone after Election Day. 
In spite of a crucial intervention, following months of incessant shenanigans, outlandish ad-libbing and unrestrained intolerance — and enough red flags to line a Moscow May Day parade — Donald Trump continues to behave unmanageable as he refuses to heed whatever advice was offered by GOP leaders and campaign staffers. Consequently, previously cheerleading Republicans are steadily conceding their allegiance in the 2016 presidential race, opting to either cross the political spectrum or just sit this one out.
Besides the anticipated bump, following the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton has benefited from another round of hysterical Trump ravings to extend her lead to larger than it was, at this point, during Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns, with less than three months until Election Day.
You don’t have to be a political science buff to understand that the American political system is flawed, especially after Bernie Sanders’ campaign focused on a few blemishes in the establishment. However imperfect, for better or worse, it has been more than successful for 240 years. Electing Donald Trump would upset that trend, which some prominent Republicans recognize, albeit, belatedly.
After nearly eight years of unrelenting, calculating criticism of Barack Obama, the GOP realizes it misjudged their candidate and is now saddled with the most unfit, unqualified, uncontrolled candidate to ever undertake a presidential campaign. Donald Trump has done more damage to the GOP’s reputation than any opponent could ever hope to achieve, while he basks in the limelight of media coverage and his legions’ euphoric responses.
Trump managed to top himself, with his latest rant last Wednesday, when he said “(President Obama) is the founder of ISIS.” To emphasize the point, he repeated the idiotic comment three times and also proclaimed Hillary Clinton the radical terrorist group’s “co-founder.” He reiterated the point the following day. Even more sadly, his obedient audience cheered the comments.
Incidentally, according to numerous sources, ISIS launched in 2004, during a Republican administration.
This ludicrous attack parallels Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s random references about individuals as communists with irresponsible insinuations, not clear-cut corroboration.
Nonetheless, Trump’s faithful followers, like ISIS recruits, are a restless, discontented flock, which aligned with the first maniac who preached to a mob mentality, deceptively pledging to enhance, rather than threaten, their lot in life. 
Yet, even as he lags in recent polls, Trump sometimes behaves like he’s not concerned about the outcome, acting like he may not want to be president. Last week, he made remarks that should have raised eyebrows for veteran Republicans when he suggested his heart’s not completely in this White House crusade.
In a CNBC interview, Trump admitted, “At the end (of the campaign), it’s either going to work or I'm going to have a very, very nice long vacation. I think we're going to have victory, but we’ll see.”
So, as he impairs presidential politics, is this just a lark for the blundering billionaire?
Even if we ignore Trump’s misguided, largely crude supporters, it’s impossible to overlook the countless misspeaks and skewed facts he’s uttered over the course of his primary quest and post-RNC campaign. Nevertheless, many Republicans refuse to repudiate this unstable political neophyte.
After clearly being powerless to reel him in and divert his speeches to sustain the party’s traditional platform, steadfast allies must demonstrate an iota of integrity, throw in the towel, abandon what once was urgent necessity and, without equivocation, sternly renounce Donald Trump.
Faithful Republicans stood on the sidelines while Donald Trump dominated primaries as opponents dropped out one by one, more than likely assuming Trump train would eventually self-destruct. However, while the campaign progressed and he trashed Hillary Clinton, as well as several prominent Republicans, it accentuated the candidate’s persistent outlandish conduct and brash self-promotion, and Trump prevailed. Despite a desperate effort to disrupt it, the billionaire’s battle snowballed, leaving Republicans facing ominous consequences as Election Day approaches.
Continuing sympathetic GOP support for their embarrassing candidate, despite the likelihood of his defeat in November, will certainly create a stain across the political spectrum long after Trump’s reckless rhetoric stops echoing across the media landscape.
The best option to make America great again would be for Donald Trump to withdraw, but his super ego makes that highly unlikely.
At this point, the rational alternative for the Republican Party to preserve any degree of integrity would be to defect, abandon the SS (Sinking Ship) Trump and watch it submerge below the political horizon.
Those Republicans, who refuse to acknowledge that Donald Trump’s gotta go, apparently can’t see the forest for the sleaze.